Error activating FTP Event - value out of range


I have an FTP event that has been working. Sadly, the process it triggers is suddenly not working. So I changed it from running every 15 minutes to every 3 for testing. Now, when I try to activate it, I get an error:


Error in activating FTP Event test_FTp_Src_Event(19216802134135545623545): Error in FTP Event : Couldn't store trigger 'DEFAULT.19216802134135545623545:test_FTp_Src_Event' for 'DEFAULT.19216802134135545623545:test_FTp_Src_Event' job:data exception: numeric value out of range



The Expiry Date given is invalid


Provide some realistic date or if you don't want the event to be expired then don't specify the expiry date and time.

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