Consumer Server returned HTTP response code: 403


When executing a web service consumer, we are receiving this error


http://localhost:8080/test.wsdl" : org.ow2.easywsdl.schema.api.SchemaException: SchemaException: the imported document cannot be import at: org.ow2.easywsdl.schema.api.SchemaException: SchemaException: Server returned HTTP response code: 403 for URL: Server returned HTTP response code: 403 for URL:



The webservice wsdl is referencing a publicly available xsd at which is accessed each time the web service is called. Per w3 documentation, your IP will be blocked when they receive "at least 500 requests for the same resource (URI) from your IP address within a ten-minute time interval."

Reference link -



1) Download the xsd from locally

2) Compress the xsd into a zip file

3) On the web service consumer configuration page, create a File Reference Activity using the zip file from step 2

4) Modify the WSDL to point to the local xsd instead of Note: The file reference location is defined by the system property abpm.filereferences.basefolder.location (Administer> Setup > Application Settings > Services > FileReferences)

5) Save the web service consumer


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