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Adeptia provides access to the developer forum for all Adeptia Suite users. The forum contains a wealth of knowledge including walkthroughs, troubleshooting tips, and demo videos. Please visit our forum at


Support Levels






Self-Help Resources




Online Ticket Creation





9am – 5pm CDT

9am – 5pm CDT

24 x 7

Initial Response Times

Tier 1 - 8 Hours / Next Day

Tier 2 - Next Day

Tier 3 - 2 Days

Tier 4 - 2 Days

Tier 5 - 3 Days

Tier 1 - 3 Hours / Next Day

Tier 2 - 4 Hours / Next Day

Tier 3 - 8 Hours / Next Day

Tier 4 - 2 Days

Tier 5 - 3 Days

Tier 1 - 1 Hour / 2 Hours

Tier 2 - 2 Hours / 4 Hours

Tier 3 - 2 Hours / Next Day

Tier 4 - 8 Hours / Next Day

Tier 5 - 8 Hours / Next Day

Communication Channels

Email & Web

Email, Web, & Phone

Email, Web, & Phone

Assigned Adeptia Contact




Customer Contact




Support cases per year





Note:  Response times for requests represent during business hours / after hours

* Standard maintenance must be current


Not Included

-          Investigating problems within Adeptia

-          Root cause analysis

-          Help with issues during installation and upgrades

-          Help with issues during migration

-          General guidance for Adeptia configuration

-          General guidance for Adeptia implementation

-          Identifying product issues and providing fix release information

-          Customers without a valid support contract

-          Beta, or Non-QA certified releases

-          Specific development or implementation questions or requirements

-          Third-party software (Databases, cloud applications, etc...)

-          Product Training

-          Non-English language support

-          Professional Services

  • System and Performance Tuning
  • Architecture and Deployment Planning
  • Installation, Upgrade, and Migration Services
  • Solution/Process logic Analysis, Design, Implementation changes, Performance Optimizations
  • On-site support


Contact your Account Manager or call Adeptia at 312-229-1727 for more information about Adeptia's professional services


Support Objectives

While Adeptia strives to provide all customers with the fastest resolution possible, critical issues that impact our customer's production Adeptia instance take priority. Production is defined as an instance of Adeptia actively used by the customer's business.


 Severity Tier

Description of Tier

Tier 1

Production System Down

Tier 2

Production System Impacted by critical loss of functionality or performance

Tier 3

Minor loss of Adeptia functionality 

Tier 4

Technical Query or Product Questions

Tier 5

Enhancement Request


Obtaining Support

Adeptia Support and support level upgrades can be acquired through your Account Manager.

Supported Configuration/Environment

While Adeptia is able to connect with a wide-array of applications, any non-tested connections would not fall under normal support. Please refer to the installation guide for your version of Adeptia for more information.

Resolving Product Issues

-          Adeptia Support will investigate possible workarounds in the event a product issue is reported. The support team will also report product issues to the development team and provide updates on the investigation.

-          Any necessary maintenance patches or hot-fixes will be scheduled according to the impact of the issue on the customer's business.

-          Adeptia Support will provide an update to the affected customer once the release including the resolution is made available


Customers who have a current maintenance agreement will have access to new releases and maintenance patches without any additional software cost as per original license terms. These would include:

-          Adeptia Suite Software updates

-          Adeptia Suite Maintenance Patches

Support Discontinuation & Renewal Policy

Customers may discontinue support by providing a written notice to Adeptia.  Customers will longer have access to Adeptia Support or any product upgrades after support discontinuation. Customer may also renew support after discontinuation in which case the support renewal charges will be from the last date of active support or from the date of purchase of the Adeptia.

Sunset Policy

Generally, Adeptia versions will be supported for a minimum of 3 years after release. In case a version is sunset before the standard 3 years, customers will be provided an 18 month prior notice of sunset before a version is no longer supported. 

Adeptia will support non-current versions according to the Sunset Version Policy. Any customer with an issue that is fixed in the current version of Adeptia will be required to upgrade to the latest version for resolution.

Knowledge Requirements

Administering Adeptia requires a baseline skill-set involving

-          Installation and maintenance of production web applications

-          Installation and management of a database

Customers are responsible for installation, administration, and upgrading their Adeptia environments. While Adeptia Support can provide documentation and guidance, step-by-step installation and maintenance is not included.

Additional resources

Adeptia Professional Services

Contact your Account Manager or call Adeptia at 312-229-1727 for more information about Adeptia's professional services

Third - Party Integration

Adeptia interfaces with many applications and technologies such as single sign-on solutions (SSO), version control repositories, SSL certificates, LDAP repositories, FTP servers, Web Services, JMS, Email etc...

While we provide documentation regarding integrating with these technologies, we would ultimately not be responsible for any unforeseen issues that arise within Adeptia Suite in the event that a third-party application fails.


Adeptia recommends a commercial database for production installations. As such, documentation is provided to configure Adeptia to use these supported databases. Adeptia will not support configurations outside of the provided documentation

Database Queries

Adeptia does not support direct INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE queries for the backend or log databases, as they can easily lead to data integrity issues. If these manual database changes are encountered during the investigation of an issue, we may request that the database be restored to the last known working state.

If there are data integrity issues due to product bugs, Adeptia may provide solutions or workarounds involving direct database queries.

Custom Development

Adeptia provides the ability for the customer to develop their own custom plugins and other features the involve scripting languages. Support for these customizations will be limited to general guidance and will not include debugging or code review.

Deployment/Architecture planning

Adeptia provides documentation regarding general guidelines on performance tuning, load-balancing, and stability. Adeptia Professional Services is recommended for any specific planning for large deployments.



The services and support offerings described here are subject to, limited, and governed by Adeptia, Inc. The support services terms are subject to revisions and modifications at the sole discretion of Adeptia, Inc. without prior notice. 
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