Generate four separate files based on unique field


I have one source schema, one target schema and one mapping for a specific

I would like to generate four separate files based on a unique field in the
output file.

Is this possible to do and if so, would it be done in the mapping or the
process flow?



• Create four file targets as per your location and names.

• In the Data Mapping load the same target schema four times (because you want to create four target files).

• Map your source file to all the four target schemas by applying the business rule and the unique field which will distribute the records to separate files.

• As we have now uploaded multiple target schemas in mapping. this mapping will generate four separate data streams.

• In the process flow, except the other activities like file source, source schema and mapping, put the same target schema four times and also put the four file targets.

• Connect them and using multiple stream option on the mapping activity, map the target schemas to their respective streams.

• Using multiple stream option on target schema, map the respective File Targets.


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