Polling and conditional tiggering

Situation: Here is a data integration scenario that we need to solve and not sure how we do it without
custom plugin..

1. Polling a SFTP server to check if the ftpcomplete.txt exists

2. If it does, retrieve all the files from the ftp location . .



You can implement this scenario by using an ftp event that will fire your process flow once the ftpcomplete.txt will arrive. The process flow will contain a custom plugin activity that will execute another ftp event at run-time to process all the files arrived in that ftp location.
Please find the detailed steps:-

1. Create a ftpevent that will look for file “ftpcomplete.txt” on the provided location. The “Trigger type” must be “On File Created”. For example name it as ‘ftpCompleteEvent’.

2. Create another ftp event that will look for all other files on the same location. Provide a wild card input like “*.zip” or something similar so that it could read all other files. This event will read all files once the ‘ftpCompleteEvent’event will be fired. The “Trigger type” must be “On File Exists”.

3. Write a custom plugin that will trigger the above ftp event at run-time. Please refer to the following forum link for creating Custom Plugin: http://support.adeptia.com/entries/22256016-trigger-any-event-through-custom-plugin

4. Create a flow and use this custom plugin activity with other activities as per business requirement to process all the files.

5. Bind the flow with the ‘ftpCompleteEvent’ event.

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