DMV Report - Fixed Length multiple records

DMV Report is sent by an Insurance Carrier to DMV or it is also sent by DMV to an Insurance company and the data consists of the following:

- POLR (Policy Header)

- PROP (Vehicle details such as VIN etc)

- PRP1 (further details on the vehicles)

- SUBJ (insured name and other contact details)

The DMV Report specification is  based on the ISO standards.

In this example we will show how to create the DMV Report schema or layout of a fixed length file that contains multiple record types.

Adeptia provides a pre-defined DMV Report XSD or a definition file and thus makes it easy for the developer to setup the layout definition in seconds without having to manually enter all the field names and their start/end positions for each of the fields. Refer to the Adeptia Developer Guide to learn about how to create advanced or simple positional schema.

Step1: Go to Develop > Services > Schema > Adv Positional Schema


Step2: Save and use the schema in the mapping

After saving the activity it will show the new object in the Adv Positional Schema Manage page.



Now you are ready to use this schema in the Mapper to convert or read the DMV data and load it into a database. Mapper can also help you validate VIN numbers by calling web services or matching the data with POLK database. Please consult with Adeptia on your business rules and we can assist you in creating a map.

Here's a sample map snapshot and also refer to a sample output file.



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