Integration with LivePerson API

LivePerson API provides data that helps in tracking the health of your customer interactions/chats and enables companies to improve customer experience. 

One of the REST API operation is queueHealth that provides the state of each chat, time duration, agent information and other attributes.

String URL = ""+ ACCOUNT + "/queuehealth?timeframe=" + "30" + "&skillIds="+ "all" + "&interval=false&v=1";

Adeptia supports OAuth 2.0 which is needed to call LivePerson API and get the data you need for your solution. Attached is one of the example of a pre-built custom plugin that can be used in the process flow. If you need more details on how we can connect to LivePerson API please contact Adeptia Support.

One example of the API call would be to convert JSON results into XML and place the XML files into a target as shown below.


 To get more information on the LivePerson API please go to

Attached below is a sample code to call this API.


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