FTP Event - No trusted certificate


FTP Event is not able to trigger the Process flow as Adeptia is unable to connect to that FTP server and the  Kernel logs shows the below error.

com.jscape.inet.ftp.FtpException: sun.security.validator.ValidatorException: No trusted certificate found.



The Certificate used in the Keystore activity for that FTP event is invalid.



  1.  Events > FTP
  2.  Select the FTP Event encountering the issue
  3.  Scroll down to Keystore Name and make a note of the value selected
  4.  Service > Security > Keystore/Truststore
  5.  Identify the Keystore activity from step 3
  6.  Under the Action menu, select import certificate
  7.  Upload the certificate provided 
  8.  Save 
  9.  Services > Source >FTP
  10.  Select the FTP Source activity associated with the process flow that the FTP  Event triggers
  11.  The Keystore Name should be the same as the one selected in step 3
  12.  If there is a file available to test connectivity to in the source FTP directory,  enter the file name and path in this FTP source activity
  13.  Click Test
  14.  The result of the test will confirm if the certificate has been updated properly.
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