SFTP Target Error


I'm attempting to send a file to a third party. I've done this several times before with other third parties and never had any problems. I'm inclined to think its an issue on their end, but they asked me to confirm that my ip address is public and not natted. (I'm 99% sure they are public).

Also, below is the error I'm receiving. Any ideas what this might mean?

com.jscape.inet.sftp.RequestException: Operation unsupported



 We've seen this issue come up when the home directory of the user connecting to the FTP site doesn't match up with the Target location. For example, the home directory of the user is /testuser while the directory defined in the target is /testtarget. Therefore the user wouldn't be able to access the /testtarget directory.


A) Request the FTP server provider to update the FTP user's home directory to enable access to the desired directory


B) Update the FTP Target activity to use the J2SSH Connector (Advanced Properties)


And update the Remote file path to ../testtarget



This will allow the FTP connection to reference the testtarget directory that is on the same hierarchical level as the user's home directory.


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