Incomplete SFTP Target Transfer


A previously working FTP Target activity suddenly started to transfer only partial files, creating a 65563 Byte file in the target directory before timing out.



The most likely cause of the issue is that the FTP server has changed their configuration and is now handling incoming FTP connections differently. More specifically, the FTP Server is no longer supporting pipelining.



1) Stop the Adeptia Services

2) Navigate to \ServerKernel\etc

3) Backup the file to an external location

4) Update the "abpm.secureiNetFactory.pipelinedTransferEnabled" property of "Secure iNet Factory" to "false"


 <Group hide="true" name="SFTP">
            <SubGroup name="Secure iNet Factory">
                    comment="Enable or disable packet pipelining transfer support"
                    dynamic="no" name="abpm.secureiNetFactory.pipelinedTransferEnabled">false</Property>
                    comment="Sets the window size (a number of request packets without response) in pipeline transfer mode"
                    dynamic="no" name="abpm.secureiNetFactory.packetWindowSize">8</Property>
                    comment="Sets the transfer buffer size for upload operations(in KB)"
                    dynamic="no" name="abpm.secureiNetFactory.uploadBlockSize">64</Property>
                    comment="Sets the transfer buffer size for download operation(in KB)"
                    dynamic="no" name="abpm.secureiNetFactory.downloadBlockSize">64</Property>


5) Save the file

6) Start the Adeptia Services



The property "pipelinedTransferEnabled" set to false will disable the ability of the FTP target to send several requests (chunks) to the FTP server without waiting for a response from the server (i.e. pipelining). The FTP target activity will now send the entire file in one request.

Pipelining speeds up the upload time of FTP target activities, but unfortunately not all FTP servers support this functionality. Therefore, we would expect a small performance decrease of your other FTP transmissions. You may only notice the effect when uploading large files to an FTP target, so we would recommend validating those FTP target activities.

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