Connectivity Issue with Client SFTP


We are facing an issue while transferring the files via automated Process flow to an  FTP location using Secure iNet Connector. Below are the error details.

"com.jscape.inet.sftp.SftpException: com.jscape.inet.sftp.FileService$OperationException:"



If the data transferred to the FTP server is of large packet size then the FTP server offers a channel of greater size and closes the existing one, hence was causing issue. 



Please follow the below steps to execute and upload the file properly on the FTP server. 

1) Navigate to /ServerKernel/etc

2) Open the file

  •  Decrease the "abpm.secureiNetFactory.uploadBlockSize" property value to 32 KB instead of 64 KB.
  • Decrease the "abpm.secureiNetFactory.downloadBlockSize" property value to 32 KB instead of 64 KB.

3) Save the file

4) Restart the Adeptia Services

Above changes are required because the Max Packet size of the the FTP server was "35840" bytes. Some servers do not handle the negotiation phase properly so,  modifying the packet size and window size at client side may help.

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