Error While Loading WSDL


WSDL is successfully loaded with SOAP UI, but the same WSDL throws the following error when loaded in Adeptia:

Error found while executing request:

Please refer logs for details.

Problem in making connection with wsdl file location:Error in reading WSDL file " wsdl\dummy_192168178029147505367672200001.wsdl" : org.ow2.easywsdl.schema.DefaultSchemaImpl cannot be cast to org.ow2.easywsdl.schema.impl.SchemaImpl "


This Error seems to be related with casting of the Old WSDL which is using the new parser 'Easywsdl'.

To load this type of WSDL file successfully, the property "abpm.webservice.consumer.wsdlparser.iswsdl4j" should be changed to 'true' in

You can also visit the following link to know more about these properties with the location.

Web Service Consumer Activity using WSDL4j Parser

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