Cannot Connect to SFTP server


We have a trading partner where files are sent to their server via SFTP. We have done this successfully for several months. We were unable to connect to this trading partner's server beginning yesterday and the trading partner tells us they upgraded this server. The FTP Target definition connector was set to J2SSH and when using the Test button wouldn't connect. The connector to Secure Inet Factory was changed and were able to connect, but with the following error:

com.jscape.inet.sftp.FileService$OperationException: com.jscape.util.l.a.d

Also while checking the target FTP directory, it was found that the file has been created but only a part of the file has been uploaded (around 64kb).


The updated SFTP server may not support pipelining, that is enabled in the Secure Inet Factory connector by default for performance purposes.


Disable pipelining

1) Shut down the Adeptia Services
2) Navigate to .../ServerKernel/etc.
3) Open the file
4) Set the abpm.secureiNetFactory.pipelinedTransferEnabled property to false
5) Save the file
6) Start the Adeptia Services

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