Utility to Connect with FTP Server

Requirement:- We have a requirement to connect with FTP server using the utility to check the connectivity between the Adeptia server and FTP server.


Solution:- We have bundled JRE with the FTP utility. Following is the link for the same:-


The steps to execute this utility are:-

  1. Download and Unzip FTPS_Utility_bundled_JRE.zip file.
  2. Open connect.properties file and fill up the server credentials like (host, port, username, password etc.)
  3. Provide the file name to upload and download from the server in the same file.
  4. Provide the privateKeyPath, privateKeyPassword, keystorePath, keystorePassword etc. if you are using FTPS, SFTP mode of communication.
  5. Execute FtpUpload.bat/.sh file in case you are connecting with Simple FTP without any key and provide hostName, user and password parameter to batch.shell file.

As an example:C:/Users/FTPS_Utility_bundled_JRE/>FtpUpload.bat "FTPServerIP/DNS" "User" "Password".

    6. Execute FtpsConnection.bat/.sh in case you are connecting for SFTP, FTPS mode and provide hostName, user and password parameter to batch.shell file.

As an Example:C:/Users/FTPS_Utility_bundled_JRE/>FtpsConnection.bat "FTPServerIP/DNS" "User" "Password".

    7. Check SecureInet_FTPUtility.log and FTPUtility.log files in case of FtpUpload.bat/.sh and FTPS_Connection.log in case of FtpsConnection.bat/.sh for logs.


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