Unable to deploy the Objects


While deploying objects from one environment to another, the deployment is failing for some tables like AC_TEMPLATE_PARTNER_LINKAGE, AC_PARTNER_NETWORK_LINKAGE, etc.


Error: While performing the deployment.Reason: Unable to deploy data for tables:: [AC_TEMPLATE_PARTNER_LINKAGE, AC_PARTNER_NETWORK_LINKAGE, AC_COMPANY_PARTNER_LINKAGE]



While deploying the objects using the promote feature of Migration and after removing three files ('AC_NETWORK.xml', AC_COMPANY.xml and AU_USERS.xml )from the final retain.zip file, this issue occurs. These three files contain information about the Network, company, and Users of the source environment to which these template and transaction objects belong.

Three tables are failing due to the below possible reasons:-

1. For table AC_PARTNER_NETWORK_LINKAGE, the Partner and Network linkage to each other. Verify that the Partner and Network are present in the target environment or not. They should be available with the same ID as the source environment. These Networks and Partners are part of the Template and Transaction in the zip file.
2. For table AC_TEMPLATE_PARTNER_LINKAGE, the Partner_ID, Template_ID, and Company_ID are in link with each other. Since by removing three tables from the zip file, there is a need to verify if Partner_ID and Company_ID are there or not in the target environment as per the source environment.
3. For table AC_COMPANY_PARTNER_LINKAGE, the Partner ID and company ID related to each other. Kindly verify whether the target and source environment have the same Partner ID and company ID for the partner to which this template/transaction belongs.

If all the Partners, Company, and Network with the same ID in source and target environment are present then this issue should not be encountered. The Template, transaction, and Process flow belong to the partner, network, and company in the source environment. Check if the same Partner, company, and Network ID to which this template/transaction belongs are present or not in the target environment. The ID should be the same in both environments. This can be verified from the database too.

If these IDs do not found/match in both environments then include the Partner, Network, and Company XML file in your zip file to resolve the issue.

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