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  • David Paras

    Yes, select the Process Flow Variable Condition > Activity Attribute Condition 

    Now in this window, In the first drop-down select the Activity you want to get the count from.

    Then in the second drop down you can write OperationCount as the attribute name.

    Third drop down select the Text (yes it is text type).

    Fourth select the operator as !=

    Fifth put 0  and then click Done.


    <>  ---->  (this arrow will have the rule)

         |/---> (this arrow with slash is the default)



    The above rule applied on the arrow coming out of the gateway would only take that path when the count is not equal to 0.

    The default sequence flow (arrow with the slash) coming out of the gateway would take the default (else) route if the condition is not met. This path would contain your email notification activity.



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