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Multi-environment setup


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  • David Paras

    We recommend that you should set up your development environment exactly how you would like you production environment to appear: no duplicate items (database connections, file sources, users, etc..). Then clear your production instance (i.e. a fresh install) and migrate your entire development environment to the fresh production environment.

    With regards to your dynamic process flows, they can be migrated as well as long as all the objects from your development environment are migrated to your production environment. They're may be some configuration necessary, but this should already exist in your development environment.

    With regards to promoting a single object, this feature is now included in the latest migration utility. The details can be found here:

    Moving forward, we recommend that all changes and testing be done within the development environment. When testing has been completed and the changes are approved, then you can migrate the object or process to the production environment. By following this method, you'll be able to avoid inconsistencies between environments as well as migration issues.


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