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Empty File kicks off job


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  • David Paras

    Yes you can achieve that requirement by following the steps that are described below:
    1. Event context enabled should be false and file include criteria should be *.txt.
    2. Create a custom plugin in which it picks the source file name from event context map after that appends file name "done" after the source file name to create a unique file.
    3. Use Put context var and over-ride the file with the current file name and file location with done file location.

    There is one more option that is present to handle such kind of situations i.e. "Check for File Modification" this checkbox is present in the File trigger and is Enabled when the trigger is set to "On File Created"(Refer to attached screenshot). After checking this option the file is continuously checked for it's modification whenever it is found stable the flow is triggered. Please try this option first.


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