Process Flow Logs

Question: We can’t view log details when processing our flow. Could you please help
us to fix it.

"Synchronizing log database with file. It will take few minutes. Please try after some time.

Note: A temporary log file has been created when your connection to log database lost."


Solution: This is a regular message and it is not an issue. This message is shown when the connection with your log database is lost and at that point of time entries in the log database is not done and they are stored in a temporary log file. But when log database connection is restored then these temporary log files are synchronized with the log database. The duration of this synchronization entirely depends on the size of the temporary log file created.

The Process flow logs will be shown after the synchronization of these logs will be completed. Please let us know if you need any additional information on this.

Question: Thanks for your answer.

Now we want to know if there is a procedure to stop this synchronization?

Could we delete the temporary log file (if yes, where is it stored?).


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