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A question about file triggers


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  • David Paras

    Answer 1: Adeptia checks the last modified time of the file which constitutes last time when the file was modified. If the file last file modification time changes then file is considered as unstable. File stable time is calculated by substracting the current time from the last modified time of file and if it is greater than the file stable time then it will get triggered.

    Answer 2: When we use “OnFileCreated” option in say file trigger then it will continuously check the defined file modification time. If the file is still unstable and read/write operation is getting performed then the event will not be triggered and it will be only triggered when the file gets stable.

    Currently we do not support File stable time in “OnFileExists” and that is why you will notice that file stable time is disabled with this option. We will discuss this with our product engineering team and add this to the product backlog.


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