Diagnostic information for Process flow is missing


I have situation like described below:

Diagnostic information for Process flow is missing on some UAT env. in Adeptia BPM Suite 5.1. 

- Process flow logging level is set to DEBUG

Administer > Setup > Application Settings > Update System Properties > Systems > Logging:  property "log4j.rootLogger" value is set to "INFO,console,jdbc"

When I enter History > Process Flow Log > Action column > Details are accessible, when I click on Diagnostics it shows empty table and "No Log Data available" message.

I've noticed information in Business User Guide:

"If you have selected Error in the log level of the process flow, then clicking on diagnostic link doesn’t display any information." but in my case I have DEBUG level selected.

I have searched the forum, but maybe overlooked something, Is there some configuration point/setting that I'm missing ?





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