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  • David Paras

    Normally in Custom class folder if any of the class have the issues then it will not be get loaded into the Data mapper. From your details we can understand that you are facing the issues just after placing the GlobalMethodCall.class.

    It seems that you have renamed the original class file to but the actual class may be GlobalMethodCall2.class. Java aspects the class file to be of same name which you have used while creating the class i.e.GlobalMethodCall.class and not GlobalMethodCall2.class.

    If you are trying to add one more class by modifying GlobalMethodCall.class then try generating a new class with a different name i.e. for ex. GlobalMethodCall2 using .java compiler by removing the two methods as you mentioned. After compilation put the Class file i.e. GlobalMethodCall2.class in custom classes folder and restart Adeptia.


    We have checked the Custom classes sent by you and found that there is a version mismatch of jdk for class GlobalMethodCall2.class. We found that GlobalMethodCall2.class is compiled with jdk version 5 but this should be compiled with jdk version 6 i.e. supported by Adeptia.

  • David Paras

    1) Stop the Kernel and WebRunner
    2) Place the class file in the ./ServerKernel/customClasses folder
    3) Start the Kernel and WebRunner


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