Element type "MAX" must be followed

I have a map with a dbquery(‘select max(HCP_STAGE_ID) from HCP_STAGE where CLIENTHCPLOCATIONID = '327EF-695DC12071FF' and CLIENTHCPID = '02D8C',$dbinfo,’true’). The query is in a variable. The query works fine with when I don’t put min. But if I have min(HCP_STAGE_ID) or max(HCP_STAGE_ID)it errors out saying: Please check error in the end. Please advise. It is oracle database.

; Line#: 5; Column#: 1396

javax.xml.transform.TransformerException: com.adeptia.indigo.services.ServiceException: Error while executing query:select max(HCP_STAGE_ID) ....

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