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How to implement dependent file triggers


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  • David Paras

    When kicking off the flow with a file trigger,

    1) Have the file source as the first activity in the process flow. That source activity will contain the first file either "test1.xls or test2.xls"
    2) Then the File Polling activity to pickup the second file followed by the gateway to the end event (in case of no file)
    3) Have a second file source to hold the second file either "sample1.xls" or "sample2.xls"
    4) To use both files within the flow, place the excel schema activity for file source 1 after the second file source activity then the excel schema activity for file source 2

    Ex: File Source 1 > File Polling > Gateway > File Source 2 > Schema 1 > Schema 2

    5) Now you have two data streams (the output of schema 1 and the output of schema 2) to use within the flow.

    Hope this helps.

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