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WS Provider - Retaining Enable SSL and Port Type


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  • David Paras

    include the following line in your retain.xml

    <field comment="WSDL File Path" fieldName="AU_WSDLPATH" />

    Under the "AU_WSPROVIDER" service section

    <service comment="Retainment of Web Service Provider" table="AU_WSPROVIDER" retainNewActivities="false" >
            <field comment="Creationmode" fieldName="AU_CREATIONMODE" />        
            <field comment="Enable SSL" fieldName="AU_ENABLESSL" />
            <field comment="The processflow to be called" fieldName="AU_TRANSACTIONID" />
            <field comment="The securitypolicy to be used" fieldName="AU_SECURITYPOLICYID" />
            <field comment="The selected port" fieldName="AU_SELECTEDPORT" />
            <field comment="Configuration" fieldName="AU_CONFIGURATION" />
            <field comment="WSDL File Path" fieldName="AU_WSDLPATH" />



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