Use Frevvo Rich Form in External Application


Could you please provide some guidance on how I can take a Frevvo Rich Form that I have designed through Adeptia and embed that form into a web app we are creating in .Net?

We don't want our web app users to have to link out to log in to Adeptia portal and have to navigate the My Solutions > Forms > form menu and fill out the form in Adeptia. We want them to be able to access and fill out the form directly in our html/.net web app page.


Follow the steps below to embed a Frevvo rich web form in a web application:

1. Create Rich form in Adeptia GUI.

  1. Go to http://<ipaddressofAdeptiaServer>:8080/frevvo/
  2. Login with the credentials below

Username: adeptia@adeptia

Password: adeptia

  1. Click the Home button on the top right and then select and Edit the Rich form from My Applications.
  2. If the Web form that you have created is a simple Web Form then it would be shown under Forms. If you have used a wizard, then it would be shown under Flows.
  3. On selecting the Web form click on the share tab, you would be shown several ways in which the Web form can be shared.



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