Read Only User


We would like to define a user that cannot modify (add, delete) any activity in the Adeptia. The user would only be able to read the activities and logs (Process Flow Logs, Event etc.)


This can be achieved using the following steps:

  1. Create a new Group, for example 'GroupTest'.
  2. Create a new user with Developer's rights, for example 'GroupUser' with all the permissions of Read, Write, Execute and select the attribute Groups as 'GroupTest' created in Step 1 for this user.
  3. Create another user with Developer's rights, for example 'TestUser' with Read Only permission and select the attribute Groups as 'GroupTest' for this user which is created in Step 1.
  4. Login to the account using the 'GroupUser' and create an activity and process flow in this specific user. Execute the process flow as 'GroupUser'.
  5. Login to the account using the 'TestUser' and check that all the activities created in 'GroupUser' are present with only Read Only permission, and also check if this user can view the logs of process flow executed by 'GroupUser'. 
  6. Using the above approach, a user can view all the activities and logs of that particular group to which it belongs.
  7. Also, we can create multiple Groups and allow the user to select them. This user can login in the selected groups to monitor the logs and read activities of that corresponding group. Using this approach, a single user can check the logs for multiple groups but would need to login in each group independently.


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