Large Files taking long time to process


Process flow execution taking long time due to large volume data.



Data mapping activity consumes most of the time during the processing and some tweaks in the Data mapping activity can improve the performance.



  •  Enable data splitting while processing large volume data but its not recommended if aggregation functions or hierarchical Schema is used in Data mapping activity.
  •  Check the current XSL transformer that is used in the Data mapping activity. If XALAN transformer is being used then switch the transformer to SAXON as its the latest transformer. 
  •  Enable the DBQuery caching from the Actions menu of the Data Mapping activity.
  •  Optimization of Database Queries being used will improve the execution time to great extent.

For Example:  If the query is used to extract single entry from the table but still the 3rd parameter in DBQuery function is set to true (which means that multiple rows are extracted, converted it to XML, then returned it to mapper as a node set).




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