Changing Process Flow Description at run-time

To dynamically change the process flow description at run-time please follow these steps:

The Instance name displayed is same as the Process Flow Description.If you need to have the customized Instance Name then you need to override in Process Designer. You can over-ride the process flow description by storing the value in context. This will get the value in the process flow

To override Process Flow Description please follow the steps below :

1. Use put context var in the process flow.
2. Right-click Put-Context-Var and select View Properties. Its properties are displayed in the Properties Panel in the bottom pane
3. Click Edit button to edit the value of context variable. The Edit Context Variables dialog box is displayed.
4. Click Add Variable to add new context variable. The Context Variable Information screen is displayed.
5. Leave the Activity Name field blank.
6. Select ProcessFlowDescription from Variable Name drop-down list.
7. Enter the new description of the process flow in the Variable Value field.You can either put the

HardCoded value or define any variable name. To use name you need to define as displayed below:

Where Var1 is the name of a variable.

8. Click Done to close Context Variable Information screen.
9. Save the process flow.

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