Multiple files triggering a process flow

Design Framework:

One Input file is received and contains multiple records. We will create a “setup” process which will simply split the
Input file and create one output XML file for each request. Thus if there are 2 requests, then the output files can be
generated as Input_Req1.xml, Input_Req2.xml.

We can attach a File Trigger to the main flow. When the files are generated and placed in the output folder. File Trigger will poll this
location and as soon as the files are placed, it will trigger the main flow. File Trigger can also remove the files after the main flow
is executed.

Idea here is that we do not have to modify the main flow. We can treat it as a autonomous object which generate an Order number.
We can run this main flow several times based on the number of files we receive.

This framework will work if we get one request per file or several. We can also place a File trigger on the original Input file which
will trigger Process1 once we receive the file.



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