Dynamically overwriting Activity attributes

Suppose you have a HTTP Source and would like to dynamically with run-time URL value. This is how.

To dynamically override the URL (or parts of the URL) of the Source HTTP, use the PutContextVar in the Process Flow.

1. Suppose we have a HTTP Source. Now the URL of the source needs to be dynamically updated with some other value.

2. In the process flow designer, create a process flow like:
Start > PutContextVar (go to Action and drag it to the canvas area) > HTTP Source > rest of the activities > End

Now double click on the PutContextVar, go to Edit > create a new variable and then select the Activity Name from the Activity dropdown.

Within this dialog box select the “url” Variable Name and in the attribute value you can put in your context variable enclosed in $$.

Also is attached sample flow that you can deploy using the migration utility.




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