Passing Source file name to Target

You can pass the source file name to target by using Put Context variable in the Process Flow Designer.

For achieving this please follow the steps below :

- Open the Process Flow Designer.
- Go to Repository View > Actions in Process Flow Designer.
- Drag Put-Context-Var into canvas area.
- Attach it before the Target activity.
- Double click on the Put-Context-Var Activity and Edit the Put-Context-Var from it's  properties.
- Now a new window(Edit context variables) will open up.
- Click on "Add new context variable" button.
- In Activity Name field, Select the name of Target activity.
- In Variable name field, select fileName.
- In Variable value field, write $$Service.ActivityName.fileName$$. Here ActivityName will be the name of Source activity.
- Save the process flow.


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