XML and PDF files to destination location


I would like to request assistance on a process described below.

Pulling an xml metadata file and a .pdf file from a source location into
our gateway which then maps them and sends them to the destination location
on another server



To pull the file from the server, you need to create an FTP event where you need to provide “File Include Criteria” as */*.*(if you are sure that the files will be .pdf and .xml only) or as */*.pdf,*/*.xml (if you are not sure about the file formats). You can trigger this event based on the three conditions: OnFileCreated,OnFileExists,OnFileModified
To know more please refer to the Development guide section : "CREATING FTP EVENT".

To transfer the file, we need to create a process flow. The process flow will consist the FTP source activity where the input files will be dumped. And the property EventContextEnable of the FTP source activity must be true because this flow will be bind by the above event and by this property the picked file name will set in the Event Context.

After the FTP source activity you need to take a Gateway where you have to write a Java code to pick the file name from the event context. After getting the file name , now you can decide how to deal with these files.

Note: The above FTP event must be bind with the above process flow which will consist the desired logic to deal with the picked files.
To bind the event with the process flow, please refer to the Development guide: Creating event registry.


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