HTTP Post Data URL

In any project implementation, you may want to invoke process flow in Adeptia through an HTTP call. To achieve this, you need to hit following URL (http://<<host>>:<<port>>/adeptia/triggerProcessServletByRest ) in your application to invoke any process flow in Adeptia

When you hit this URL, you need to pass following parameters:

processId                     Specifies entity id of process flow that needs to be invoked in Adeptia.

userName                   Specifies the name of user though which process flow shall be invoked in Adeptia – It shall be a valid user in Adeptia.

password                     Specifies password of user provided above – It shall be in plain text.

groupTypedId              Specifies the entity id of group to which above user belongs – It shall be a valid group in Adeptia and in the format “IndigoGroup:<<groupEntityID>>”

You can also post data (like any file or XML data) to this HTTP URL and that shall be available in context variable “stream” inside the process flow.


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