only file name not the extention


I have a process which has a file event and picks up the file. I have a context variable to get the file name so that I can get any file and have the same name on the target site. But I would like to use same file name but change the extension of file. How can I achieve that?

So basically I get the file on file source as abc.txt.pgp which is encrypted file. The bellow PF decrypts it and moves it to decrypted folder and places the decrypted file with same name. I want it to be changed to abc.txt instead of abc.txt.pgp after decryption. How can I achieve that?




1) Create a Put Context Var which will store the source file name in a variable.

2) Create a Data Mapping and use context schema on both Source and Target.

3) Use the textual rule as shown. This rule will concatenate the file name and removes .txt from end.

4) Before File Target activity use another Put Context Var that will over-ride the file name of the File Target activity.

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