Difference between Spawn and Call activity


Whats the difference between Call and Spawn activity in a process designer.


Call:This action is used to call another process flow (sub-flow) synchronously.Using Call action you can select Parent Process flow itself to be executed as child process flow. In this case the process flow will run in an infinite loop. Some condition should be used, that will be used to stop the process flow after certain recursion. If the condition fails, you can kill the process flow from System Monitoring.


Spawn: This action is used to call another process flow (sub-flow) asynchronously. It specifies  whether the parent process flow’s end event will wait for the completion of child process flow or not.   If this property is set to true, the parent process flow end event will wait till the child process flow is completed. During this period, parent process flow will be in running state. Once the child process flow is completed, it raises the signal specified in the Signal property and then the end event is executed. If the value of Wait for Child property is set to false, the parent process flow does not wait for the child process flow to be completed.


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