Using 'Filter IFF' function

This function allows you to Filter source records that are being passed to the target. Example suppose you want to apply a rule >>

If (Premium >= 5000) Then pass the record into target Else skip the record.

In order to apply this condition you would go to (in Mapper) Conditional > If Conditions > For Filtering Records. Plus you would choose your boolean operator (under Boolean tab). Make sure the condition is applied on the Target Schema's record node.




In order to filter out element on the Target side when the Source element does not a rule in Mapping:
Here's an example of this Filter IF Condition at Target element level:

IFF CONDITION{ $Input_ReadPolicy/Root/Record/AgentName != ''} VALUE=[ $Input_ReadPolicy/Root/Record/AgentName ]

The field in red is the source element (double click on the source element and the element along with its xpath will appear as shown above in red. And the value in the VALUE brackets is the source element also. So this is what the above rule means:

If the Source Element is != '' (note that these are two single quotes) then filter the Target element onto which this rule is being applied on, Else the value of the Target element will get the value of the Source element.

Apply this rule on one of the Target element, then use simulation to validate the result. After validating once, you can apply this rule on all the target elements where you want to apply this filter rule on.

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