Fetch multiple columns by using DB query function

SituationClient wants to fetch Records from multiple columns from a Database table using the DB query function.

Solution: Below are the steps to fetch the data from multiple columns Using DB Query function.


  •  Create a Connection Info variable.
  •  Now select the Root element of target schema and create a local variable which will contain the DB Query as value.

  •  Click Save button to save the local variable.
  •  Now click the Parent element (Record) from the target panel, and then click Properties tab.
  •  Click at the “ForEach” field and double click the local variable that you have created to store DB query. Append it with //Record.


  •  Click Save Properties button to save it.
  •  Now to map the output of the DB query, select the target element to which you want to map the output and then click Textual Rules tab.
  •  In textual rule enter the name of the column of database table whose value is to be mapped to the selected target element.


  •  Click Apply map button to apply the mapping,
  •  Similarly map other columns with the required target element.


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