Enable Db Query Cache Limit

Please find the steps below to enable Db query cache limit.

1. Enabling Db Query Cache Limit : The Db query cache limit can be enabled from the Data Mapper Action menu  . Please see the image below.



2. When the Db Query cache is enabled if the same db query is fired on another element (which has been fired before for some other element), it will generate the result from the existing query rather than making a new connection to  the database which will enhance performance if the same query is being fired multiple times .


An alternative method if the data in the Db look up is not very large (say 5000) then a different approach is suggested as mentioned below.

  1. Create a local variable on the root element and fetch all the data through that variable .
  2. This would be useful to increase performance with Db query cache property as enabled when the data is not that large .
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