Mapping Scenario - For Each

Applying ‘For Each’ condition


Example: Map source records into target. Apply ‘For Each’ condition to pull all the records from the source and map to target fields.

Refer to Mapper Help on how to apply mapping functions such as Constants, String, Math, Conditional, Aggregation, Date, Variables etc.


A) For Each without Filter - Connecting Source ‘Record’ node to the Target ‘Record’ node applies a ForEach condition that would pick all the records from the Source and map to the Target schema. If this ForEach condition is not applied then only one record would be picked from the Source.


B) For Each with Filter  - If we need to apply a filter condition on the ForEach such as ‘Select records where the State is not equal to CA’ then use the following approach:

First select the Target Record node, then go to its Properties and put your cursor in the ForEach field. On the ForEach field in the Properties panel double click on the Source Record node and then add a predicate with the logic as shown below.

Refer to the Mapper Help for more information.


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