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I'm working on developing a data mapper that calls for a record count on the number of employee, spouse and dependents within each family. As an example the employee would have a count of '01', the spouse '02', dependent1 '03, dependent2 '04' and so on. The record count would then start again at '01' with the next employee of a new family.



This can be achieved within the data mapping by creating a variable and incrementing it. Below are the high level steps that you can try to implement in your data mapping:

  1. Create a local variable “varCount” on record level and initialize the value of count as 0 in the context.

  2. Then this above variable can be used using get context for each member of family.

  3. Now create another local variable "varIncrementCount" in which increment the value of "count" by one.

4 Then in another local variable "varSetNewCount" set the "count" with the above local variable "varIncrementCount" .

  1. Follow the same steps for each member of the family and its value will be incremented for each member of a family starting with one.

  2. In last of each family reset the value of each variable to 0.

Apply for each on the record level so that the same rules shall be applied on each family record.

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