Insert null into database


My null values in my target database seem to have changed to ‘’, not sure why or what changed.

I have already set the “Update Empty Tag” setting on both the source and target schemas, but

cannot seem to generate the null values that I need. I’m doing database inserts, does that matter?



The functionality of the database and it is working as expected behavior of database. The queries generated from Adeptia are correct as per SQL.

Below are the scenarios that can help you in understanding this better:

Scenario 1: When the only column names that need to be Inserted/Updated are specified in the Query and other columns that aren't receiving any value are dropped from the query then they will be updated by the (null).

Below is the sample query:

insert into Table1(Column1,Column2) values ('John',123);


In this case the remaining columns except Column1 and Column2 will be updated by value (null).

Scenario 2: When all the column names are specified in the Query then the columns which are not receiving any value will be updated by blank value(For Data type as String).

Below is the sample query:

insert into Table2 values ('John','Smith',123,'USA');


If you don't want to include the mapped element in the output when the mapping rule is not producing a value for that element,
then you have to apply the IFF condition(IFF CONDITION{ } VALUE=[ ]) to filter element when mapping rule is not producing any data.

By applying the IFF condition these elements wouldn't be included in the insert/update query.

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