Load large XSD Schema in Data Mapper

Description:  There are some cases where the Schema takes too much time to load in the Data Mapper or Fails to load due to "Out of Memory" error which is logged in Java Console/Webrunner log.

Reason:This kind of situations usually comes up when the Schema is created using a large XSD instead of multiple referential XSDs. In case of multiple/referential XSD this shouldn’t be the case as at that time Optimize Schema Loading comes into effect.

Below are some tips that might help in loading the Schema in data mapper quickly and effectively:

Adeptia >> If you load the XSD of large size like Mortgage standard MISMO XSDs and if Out of memory error appears in Java Console/Webrunner logs then that can be taken care off by increasing the applet heap size by following below link:


Adeptia >>Mapper takes more time to load the Schema for very first time and it loads faster thereafter.

It will take more time while loading the large XSD the first time. It will load faster thereafter due to Schema Caching mechanism under Actions inside the Data Mapping

Adeptia >> If you have used the Schema version as 2.0 while creating the XML Schema then you can change the following properties to decrease the schema loading time. (Check the schema version from Advance properties of XML Schema)

  • Try lowering the tree expand level to 5.
  • Enable the Types Buffering.


 Note: Lowering the Tree Expand Level wouldn't show the elements or hierarchy after the value defined for expand level. So please use it as per your requirement or hierarchy.

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