Connecting to Informix database

Adeptia provides JDBC drivers to connect to any database. This topic is related to how to connect to Informix.

Driver jar file >> ifxjdbc.jar

- In the DB Driver screen, enter the following in the Driver Class field after you have uploaded the jar file:


Note: The information in this field is case-sensitive.

  1. Now create a Db Info object:
  2. Enter this format in the JDBC URL field>> jdbc:informix-sqli://XX.XX.XX.XX:1525/test:informixserver=varname
    • Where XX.XX.XX.XX is the IP Address of the physical Informix server.
      Where 1525 is the port number for the data source connection.
      Where test is the Informix database name.
      Where varname is the informixserver variable defined on the Informix database server machine.
      Note: The information in this field is case-sensitive.
  3. Enter a valid username and password in the Username and Password fields.
  4. Where the username and password are defined as user account information on the database server.
  5. Click submit to apply the changes to the data source. Also test the connection to verify.
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