Connecting to SQL Anywhere 10 Datasource

Step 1: Unzip the attached file and take out the adsjdbc.jar file and save it locally.

Step 2: Go to Adeptia > Configure > Services > Connector  > Database Driver

Here upload the jar file and set the class path as below and save.


Step 3: Go to … Connector > DB Info

Here give a name to the connection such as “myDB_conn” or any other name. Give Description.

Now in the URL put the following:


The location of the database can be specified after the <hostname:port> portion of the connection URL or it can be specified using the catalog property. The following  URL connects to the same database in the 'userdata' share on 'server1'.

conn = DriverManager.getConnection ( "jdbc:extendedsystems:advantage://server1:6262/userdata/db1/db.add" );

Provide the Username and password and test connection. If the test connection works then save the activity.

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