Database connection properties

The Property "abpm.jdo.maxActive" specifies the maximum number of active connections that can be allocated from backend database connection pool concurrently. If all the allocated active connections have been allocated from connection pool, it will wait for the time period specified by property "abpm.jdo.maxWait" for a connection to be returned from the connection pool .

Property "abpm.jdo.maxWait" specifies the maximum number of milliseconds that the pool will wait (when there are no available connections) for a connection to be returned before throwing an exception, or -1 to wait indefinitely.

Property "abpm.jdo.maxIdle" specifies the maximum number of connections that can remain idle in the pool, without releasing extra ones .

If property "abpm.jdo.maxIdle" value is set too low on heavily loaded systems, it is possible to see connections being closed and almost immediately new connections being opened. This is a result of the active threads momentarily closing connections faster than they are opening them, causing the number of idle connections to rise above maxIdle.

The best value for maxIdle for heavily loaded system will vary but value of 10 is a good starting point. We don't recommend a very high value for property "abpm.jdo.maxIdle" (certainly not equal to property "abpm.jdo.maxActive" value) because it will keep that many number of open connections against the database.

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