Connect Adeptia to MS SQL log database

We would like to confirm that we do not support Windows Authentication credentials during Adeptia Installation process. To configure Adeptia Suite to use MS SQL as Log database with windows authentication(domain user)follow below steps:

1. Install Adeptia using “Express” installation. After installing, you can manually point your Log Database to SQL server.

2. Move the embedded Log database to the SQL server database by following the below forum post: 

3.Now provide the following values for Database Appender in file:

    A) In the "log4j.appender.jdbc.url" property provide the following as url:


    B) In the "log4j.appender.jdbc.dbclass" property provide "net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver" as driver               name.

    C) In the "log4j.appender.jdbc.username" property provide the username of the domain_user.

    D) In the "log4j.appender.jdbc.password" property provide the password of the domain_user.

4. Restart the Kernel and Web-runner.

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    David Paras

    If you are using NTLM, you'll need to append the proper string to the URL



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