Integration of ACH (NACHA) Data Standard

ACH (Automated Clearing House) data is widely used in Banking to enable large volume of debit and credit transactions in batches. ACH facilitates the exchange of electronic transactions between participating financial institutions. ACH are payment instructions to the bank to execute either debit or credit on a deposit account. Data layout description can be found here

More can be learned about the compliance and operational policies around ACH data here to 

Also this is a good reference to understand the ACH guidelines

Adeptia Integration Suite supports ACH data format and can parse and map the data to any target application such as database, datamart, secure web service etc.

ACH data is an Advanced Positional Format and is managed under Services > Schema > Adv Positional Schema section of AIS as shown here. You can also edit and see the different record types defined in the schema.





ACH data can be mapped to any target application data format through the Mapper interface (as shown below).




Here's a process flow that shows inbound ACH data from clients being processed and loaded into a database.


Please use the attached ACH Schema XSD to build your Adv Positional Schema. Also deploy the attached solution zip file through Adeptia Migration Utility to see how ACH files can be routed and processed in an orchestration.







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