Configure Adeptia Suite as Services on Linux

Currently, Adeptia can not be installed as Windows service on Linux machine. However, we can easily configure it as Linux service by following few steps that are described below:

1. Download attached zip file and extract it. The zip file contains two files AdeptiaService and

2. Stop Adeptia services.

3. Place the extracted file in "..\AdeptiaSuite\AdeptiaServer-5.2\ServerKernel" folder.

4. Place the extracted "AdeptiaService" file in "\etc\init.d" folder and provide all necessary permissions..

5. Open this file in Edit mode and provide the Adeptia Installation directory path up to ServerKernel in the INSTALLATIONPATH. Refer below image for more info and replace the highlighted:


6. Save the above file.

7. By default, the service script when copied to or created in "\etc\init.d" will not have the necessary executable rights to be able to be used. These will explicitly    need to be set with “chmod +x script-name” before it works.

In our case command would be like this: chmod +x AdeptiaService

8. Run command “chkconfig --add script-name” to add the file in run levels.

In our case command would be like this: chkconfig --add AdeptiaService

9. Run command “chkconfig script-name on” for switching on the AdeptiaService once.

In our case command would be like this: chkconfig AdeptiaService on

10. Restart the Linux machine.

11. Services will start up automatically. after the machine restart.

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    David Paras

    To run the Adeptia Services under a user other than root:


    In the AdeptiaService file, you can try updating the ./ and ./ lines (33 and 42 respectively) to the following

    su someuser -c "nohup >/dev/null 2>&1 &"
    su someuser -c "nohup >/dev/null 2>&1 &"
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