Restarting Adeptia

Once Adeptia has been gracefully shut down, it can be easily restarted.

1.     Do a Remote Desktop Connection to the Adeptia server.
2.     From the Start menu on the box, click on Services.
3.     For the Adeptia Suite Kernel, click on “Start the Service”.
4.     For the Adeptia Suite Webrunner, click on “Start the Service”.
5.     Change the “Startup Type” to Automatic for the Adeptia Suite Kernel and Adeptia Suite Webrunner.
6.     Log in to Adeptia as “admin” with password “indigo1” (or another admin account).
7.     Navigate to Administer -> Maintenance -> Kernel.
8.     Click on Resume Kernel.
9.     Navigate to History -> Process Flow Log and make sure process flows are running.  You will see process flows with status of Executed.  Click on Details to refresh the screen and make sure you see process flows ending and new ones executing.

Note: In this case, Adeptia is installed on a Windows system and the Kernel and Webrunner are registered as services.

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